TransferWise lets you send money abroad as easily as possible, for as little as possible. 

TransferWise is valued at over a $1 billion, has over 2 million customers, and moves billions every month. Now at 850+ people across 11 offices, I'm proud to be employee 20-something. 

I’m the lead copywriter on the Experience team at TransferWise. I work on massive, platform-wide projects that shape customers’ lives every day. I've been working on reducing customer worry, and upping the effectiveness of our notifications. It's included a large-scale rewrite of over 300 emails and a lot of mindmapping. Close collaboration with designers, other writers, and engineers has been crucial throughout.

Being a copywriter at a tech company is a bit different. It means treading the line between UX design, brand, and language. I work as much in Google Docs as I do in Sketch, and I put a lot of work into testing my work to validate its effectiveness.

I've also written email campaigns (both marketing and product-related content), blogs, ads, support content, and even chat bot scripts for the Fintech startup. Once I lectured an executive board at a bank about the power of writing, too. Good times.

Need to send money abroad? TransferWise is the way to do it. And thanks to me, your first transfer is free — just let me know what you make of the experience, OK?